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Connecting Creators With Their Work & Moving Them Into Action Again

Make Ground For It: Connecting Creators With Their Work and Moving Them Into Action Again.

Have you found yourself disconnected from your creative work and know it’s time to connect again?

Do you get stuck in insecurity, overwhelm, perfectionism? Procrastination? Self-Doubt? Or do you feel like you’re not even sure what’s holding you back?

If you want to make sense of the roadblock’s you’ve been facing each day, get unstuck, and get on track again… Make Ground For It is the online course designed just for you.

Here’s some of the content that you will learn in this Course:

WEEK 1: Welcome and Overview

·         The very first action that you need to take, and how to do it

·         Why your current struggle is the prefect indicator

·         Overcoming Writer’s + Artist’s block in 1 step

·         How to know if your creative idea is good enough

·         An unbelievably effective exercise that will demonstrate your biggest resource

·         How to establish a baseline in 9 key areas of your life

·         6 Steps to get results from any course, including this one

WEEK 2: Identifying Your Inner Game

·         10 biggest myths that hold people back

·         3 shocking things that you’re unknowingly doing to keep yourself playing small

·         What’s influencing you right now

·         Why you fight for your limitations

·         The 4 primary indicators of physical capacity and how they relate to creative work

·         A highly effective daily practice to move from lose-lose to win-win

·         Managing the tension between limitless expansion and the spectacular now

WEEK 3: Uplevel Your Inner Game

·         How to manage rejection, criticism, setbacks and failures

·         The most effective method to feel safe + secure

·         What Seth Godin says is the “most difficult thing” for creators

·         Make 1 simple change to your daily routine to ensure that you succeed

·         The meaningful specific and why you need one

·         The 2 hottest topics in science today that apply directly to your work

·         Knowing when to quit

WEEK 4: Uplevel Your Outer Game + What’s Next?

·         10 productivity hacks tailored specifically to creative entrepreneurs

·         A checklist of 6 “out-of-the-box” ideas for increasing creative output

·         What Einstein had to say about managing time

·         The fail-safe hack for creators who produce written content

·         What Aristotle’s advice was, and why you need to hear it

·         Top 10 mantras from highly successful creators and makers to keep you inspired

·         4 proven techniques focused on the right actions for your success

Imagine going through life making choices with the kind of easy self-assurance that comes from powerfully trusting yourself


Some of this stuff will go deep. Primarily, you need an emotional and mental shift, not a physical one. You have the skills. Your outer game is ok – you can paint (you know the difference between gouache and pastels, the joys of masking fluid, and your derwents from your windsor&newtons) , you can write (you know the whole three act structure and what our dear hero must endure) and you get me when I say “i found this line of CSS in a blog for a hover-code and I plugged it in and it worked!!”

You don’t need me to tell you how to do what you know how to do. You need me to fill in the blanks about why you get stuck so easily and how to shift it. For reals. For good. Doneski.

Making stuff to share with the world takes Courage. And if you’ve read this far, you have that courage. When you’re in the flow, it has a Boldness…like the guy said: Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. That’s you, am I right?

This course is aimed at Creators – specifically artists, writers, bloggers and business owners. It could just as easily be for ANY stalled project and all are Welcome To Join. Class begins on 09 January 2017. Imagine kicking the year off in a powerful way, not making tired old NY resolutions again, but being ahead of the game this time. Missed the January class cutoff? Not a problem, pop your name down and Apply Now to be notified when Class Opens Again!

Something Is Waiting... whatever we set our days to might be the least of what we do, if we do not understand that something is waiting for us to MAKE GROUND FOR IT, something that lingers near us, something that loves, something that waits for the right ground to be made so it can make it's full presence known... The Faithful Gardener | Clarissa Pinkola Estes